Pancake Muffins   (options available)
$ 6.50

MACROS-(Blueberries)  182.5 cals/ 1.2g fat/ 35.7g Carbs/ 10.5g Protein/ Sodium 768 /Sugar 7g

MACROS-(chocolate Chips)  252.5 cals/ 5.2g fat/ 44.7g Carbs/ 11.5 Protein/ Sodium 768g/ Sugar 10g

MACROS- (Plain)  162.5 cals/ 1.1g fat/ 25.7g Carbs/ 10g Protein/ Sodium 768g/ Sugar 2

FitStyle Foods twist on Pancakes. Easier to eat on the go! Dip while you go! Doesn't get any better than this! 


Please advise: Does contain protein powder.