Buffalo Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Buffalo Chicken
$ 6.50

MACROS-  511 cals/ 8g fat/ 57g Carbs/ 47g Protein/ Sodium 600mg/ Sugar 0

Note: Chicken may vary from 5oz to 6oz per container. Macros may change. 

Buffalo Chicken.  Its simple, full of flavor and a solid source of energy and necessary protein great for pre/post workout.  Be fair warned while not hot, our buffalo glaze has a good zing to it.

Competition series-  We know several clients are looking for intricate great tasting dishes, however some are either a little selective to their liking but most of all on a strict caloric or macro budget.  With this line you will find the meals are very simple, stricter and be biggest perk of all less expensive allowing you to stock up if you are getting serious in gym and will be eating 4 or more meals a day.  Cant find something this fresh & convenient ready to go for $5.50 anywhere.

The chicken we use is all natural chicken contains no MSG and no Antibiotics. 


Allergies- None Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free. Please note- we do not cook in a completely gluten free kitchen so there will be traces.