• Pick any item on the our menu page. Once you have selected all the meals you want. Go to check out. You can choose as many meals as you want. 
  • The screen will then take you to the cart page to review all the items you have selected . At the bottom of the page select any of the listed pickup locations we have available. If everything on your page is correct click check out and select form of payment. 
  • Our Deadline for orders will be Wednesday @ Midnight 
  • Pick up will always fall on Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday evening between 12pm-4pm @ our pickup location unless you have selected a different pickup.
  • If you ever forget to order we will always have meals available for purchase at our retail store on Saturday's and Sunday's and through the week. Saturday's and Sunday's are the best days to come! 
  • Once you have completed your purchase you will then get a confirmation email with date and times for all pickup locations. 
  •   Any special arrangements please email us at or by phone 913-909-1501
  • Main Pickup location 7943 Frontage RD Overland Park, KS 66204.


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